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In Blue Hill’s Communications Lifecycle Management for the Internet of Things Solution Landscape, Research Analyst Charlotte O’Donnelly notes vCom’s support for a wide variety of IT assets with cellular connectivity.

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A multitude of specialist vendors exist to manage and optimize technology spend for mid-market enterprises. Blue Hill Research, an independent research and advisory firm focusing on the enterprise technology marketplace, released a report that discusses key trends in mid-market Technology Expense Management (TEM). Titled, Mid-Market TEM Vendor Landscape, it contains useful information for those mid-sized enterprises looking to take the plunge into IT spend management.

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Research shows us that in order to properly prepare and scale for IoT, CLM vendors should approach IoT management in three phases

  • Manage Mobility
  • Manage M2M
  • Manage IoT

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"vCom’s combination of cloud-based software and professional services, along with support of a broad range of IT assets, make it particularly cost-efficient for companies looking to scale CLM needs for the Internet of Things"

Charlotte O’Donnelly, Blue Hill Research

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